Our Kitties (June 07, 2008)

Calli is (4) years old, Skyler & Piper are (6) and Charly is (8)

All 4 Watching the Snow Fall

Skylar, Calli and Charly Napping

Charly & Piper Watching TV

Skylar, Piper & Charly just Chillin'

Skylar & Piper taking a Cat Nap!

Charly & Piper in the WWF

Charly Petting Skylar

Charly & Piper, Wandering

Calli Waiting to Play

Calli Bagging it!

Calli Playing Hide & Seek

Calli in the Sun

Calli the Carpet Bagger

Calli Waiting for Mommy to Come Home!

Charly Waiting for Dinner

Charly High on Catnip

Charly to Lazy to get Up

Charly Chilly

Charly in the Sun

Charly Play Time

Charly Watching a Scary Movie

Charly Having a Ball


Piper on the Big Kitty Chair

Piper Layin' Around

Piper Wearing Her Drawers

Piper Hah, Nah.....Nah, Nah.....Nah

Piper Ready to Attack

Piper Help ME!!!!

Piper in the Basket

Piper Come on Dad, Drop it Already!

Skylar's Turn on the Big Kitty's Chair

Skylar Telling Daddy it's Playtime

Skylar in the Basket

Skylar Oh...No...


Skylar Tuckerd Out

Skylar the Catortionist

Skylar Reaching for Her Toy

Skylar Go Round in Circles!


~ Kitties We've Lost Over the Years, we Miss you!  (Gone but Not Forgotten)~






Tigger - Our Foster Kitty

Scully & Indy in da Box

Topie & Ivory Taking a Sec.